Boston’s Intimate Gathering of AI-enabled Marketers

What is the Marketing AI Forum?

The Marketing AI Forum is an intimate event where marketers share the AI tools and strategies they are using TODAY to increase their output, automate marketing operations and boost their campaign results.

You'll hear directly from marketers on the front lines of AI adoption.

Explore topics such AI for data analysis, mass personalization, prompting strategies, streamlining operations with LLMs, accelerating coding efficiency, automating administrative tasks, accelerating research, automating reporting, accelerating thought leadership with AI and avoiding AI pitfalls.

Our philosophy: Marketing AI goes way beyond just chatGPT. There are many AI tools that marketers are using to 2x their productivity and improve their campaigns.

About chatGPT: We think of LLMs (like chatGPT) as automation tools, rather than just ideation or content generation tools. Content development tasks are only one narrow use case for LLM automation. LLMs can automate marketing operations, accelerate thought leadership and streamline content marketing.

You will leave the event with strategies for deploying marketing AI tools for marketing operations, content marketing, SEO, social media and PPC advertising.

You can participate in-person (Boston, MA) or virtually. The in-person ticket includes light appetizers.

Past events included representatives from Grommet, Wayfair, Vistaprint, Universal Music Group, Shopify and LovePop.

Upcoming Events

Marketing AI Forum Meet-up (hybrid)

You can participate virtually or in-person at 50 Milk St, Boston, MA 02109 on the 18th Floor (Remember: This is a new location for us)

Availability: Limited to a total of 30 participants.

AI Tools for SEO and Content Jumpstart

Agenda: Networking and short presentations followed by round table discussion of marketing AI tools and tactics.

At MAIF, marketing professionals gather to share insights and experiences related to integrating AI marketing tools into their workflows.

Advanced Marketing AI Mastermind

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The event begins with a couple short attendee presentations and then proceeds with a round table conversion where attendees share their wins and losses with AI marketing tech.

Note: Unlike previous events, we decided to limit the number of attendees to 30. This ensures that we maintain the intimate feel and participants feel comfortable sharing freely.

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Our private Slack community brings advanced users of marketing AI tools together to share AI tools, prompts, methods and know-how they've developed.

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Past Speakers

Conversion Rate Optimization

Customizing the Shopify platform with apps and custom themes for conversion rate optimization and digital marketing campaigns.

Facebook Advertising for E-commerce

How to use Lookalike Audiences in Facebook Ads to build a scalable campaign for e-commerce targeting your ideal audience.

Data Driven SEO for E-commerce

How to quickly test growth hacking strategies and scale up tactics that work.

Selling Physical Products in a Crowded Market

How to use storytelling, framing, and other PR techniques to sell more products.

How to Engineer a Viral Product

How to engineer a product with built-in virality and extremely low customer acquisition cost.

Multi-channel Promotion for a Product Launch

How to use multi-channel promotion, including social, search and email, to boost sales.

How to Build an Brand

How to build your brand’s reputation and visibility through content marketing, SEO, and social media.

Storytelling to Grow Your Brand

How to make your brand stand out through clear, engaging, and memorable stories.

Consumer Behavior for Marketers

How to review major patterns in consumer behavior to win the attention of buyers and grow your e-commerce store.

Paid Social Advertising Hacks

Insight on the most powerful social media advertising hacks.

The Building Blocks of Brand

When you and your competitors compete for the same customers with similar products how do you set yourself apart?

Hacking PR for E-commerce

How alternative PR techniques and growth hacking can help you grow your e-commerce brand and attract more customers.


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